The Future in fuel: bio-ethanol fuel-cell system

Nissan have created a pioneering fule system

Automotive sector engineers at Nissan in Japan, are currently developing a pioneering Soil Oxide Fuel-Cell power system.

The e-bio fuel works by generating electricity through the SOFC using bio-ethanol. This works by transforming fuel into hydrogen using a reformer and atmospheric oxygen with the subsequent electrochemical reaction producing electricity to power the vehicle.

These new Fuel-cell systems will use chemicals that react with oxygen, generating power without the release of harmful byproducts.

Bio-ethanol fuels are widely available in countries in North and South America, and Asia. The e-Bio Fuel-Cell, using bio-ethanol, can offer Eco-friendly transportation and create opportunities in regional energy production, while supporting existing infrastructure.

Nissan claims that the system is carbon neutral, as CO2 emissions are neutralised.


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