Smart devices can add value to production time


DeviceLogix technology can increase your production time.

With the current Market forever growing, plants are always looking for ways to increase production time.

By using flexible and smart adaptable devices in the control system (devices that can execute simple control functions by making decisions independent of a central processor) suppliers can increase production time.

With DeviceLogix technology we can tackle the issues that delay our industrial processes. Meaning we can reduce the delay in processing due to fully-loaded central controllers, or avoid the shutdown of an entire process due to a central controller going offline.

A typical industrial application such as a package going down a conveyor, we may have a barcode scanner that serves as our input device. The data will then be sent to our device controls, then to the PLC.

DeviceLogix is a platform-independent logic engine that is embedded into several Allen-Bradley devices, such as pushbutton stations, overload relays, motor starters, and drives, making them all “smart” devices.

So what does it mean to have local control?

This on-board logic engine processes inputs controls outputs and manages status information locally within a device, removing the need to go through a communication network and central controller. Because of this, the response time of our system is improved by nearly 90%. These improved actuation times are particularly useful in applications where response time is critical.


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