Carbon-Fiber to replace steel in the industry

Carbon-Fibre may be the new material of choice for automotive manufacturers.

The Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation has recently announced their aim to add a 15 percent decrease the cost of carbon fibre automotive structural parts. The project will also study ways of decreasing cost and cycle time of carbon fibre in automotive structural parts.

The IACMI’s project will be taking a “supply chain, ecosystem-based approach” to integrating material selection, moulding methods and performance design patterns with waste stream utilisation, according to the IACMI.

This project will be taking on ecosystem-based approach, to integrating material selection, and performance design patterns with waste stream utilisation.

These integrated improvements will be tested in the first phase of the project, through flat panel demonstration.

This Project will help manufacturers optimise an increase in processing, and advanced recyclability of automotive parts.

These cost savings would come from greatly reduced tooling and simpler assembly and joining.

According to studies, this project will increase the use of carbon materials in manufacturing resulting in 80% reduction in costs. The Cost savings will come from a reduced tooling and simpler assembly and joining.

The Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), have commented that the overall saving will be 35 percent.

Although the current costs of Carbon fibre material prices upwards of USD$16/lb and need to be driven down for carbon-fibre-based auto to become cost-competitive.

The IACMI is looking towards a 15 percent price drop, which is a far cry from the 70 percent price drop talked about by RMI.

Members of the and rusty have been offering project proposals to collaborate in order to develop advanced composites.

“By partnering with industry to solve composite materials manufacturing challenges, we’re advancing clean energy innovations,” said the CEO of the IACMI.


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